Sudan Projects CIM and DLS

S. Sudan mineral exploration agreement

We utilized groups of techniques during mineral exploration programs, as well as the location and budget of the program. These techniques include:

-Geological Techniques


-Stripping and Trenching

-Geochemical Techniques

-Analysis at Assay Labs

-Rock Sampling

-Geophysical Techniques

-Magnetism i.e. Electromagnetic (EM

-Induced Polarization (IP)


-Drilling Techniques.etc

The process has received endorsements from both the Qatari and Sudanese Governments. QC Vice-Chairman Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Towar al Kuwari said “The CIM mining target was successful judging that the gain made were less that than five years. We are very confident that this figures will triple before the end of 2022”

As an affiliate of the state owned Qatari Mining Co. and having signed a Mutual Pact with the Sudanese Government we are tasked with the exploration of gold deposits that can be economically mined and processed throughout N Sudan.

Sudan had called upon Qatar’s public and private sectors to invest in two major mining exploration projects CIM and DLS after a delegation meeting held at Qatar in 4th Of April 2016.The two projects were totaling $17 billion.

United Mining Company Inc. successfully signed the CIM sub-contract with Qatar Mining Co. of $3.1 Billion dollars. The CIM mining target was for 22 tonnes of gold and as at 25th Jan 2019 we have managed to mine 8.9 tonnes of Gold valued at $44.5 million.

In 2017 alone, the amount we spent on Gold exploration was roughly $1.2 billion the exploration covered all minerals including new precious and base metal, diamond and uranium deposits.

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