The story of United Gold Mining LLC(UGML)

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United Gold Mining is a Private Canadian based mining company

 that operates in Southern Hemisphere, Central, Middle East and East African regions .The Company under sub-contracting from Qatar Mining Company operates the Sudan Projects CIM and DLS. Through our subsidiaries we also have stake in the Frieda River Copper and Gold Project, Papua New Guinea which upon inception will produce around 379,000 ounces (oz.) of gold annually.

UGM’s strategic priority is to maximize their shareholders value through the effective management of their existing assets and the pursuit of strategic growth opportunities. After investing significant effort, time and resources in building ourselves a unique and fully integrated mining value chain, we are now focused on Returns on Investments for our stakeholders. Our core objective is to improve the ROI and consolidate our resources and experience – even as we continue to develop new locations and build new mining industrial plants.

The company UGM was incorporated first in 7th October 2013 as UNITED ORIENTAL MINING LTD and later changed United Gold Inc. on 16th February 2016 has since then over 8 years’ experience of intensive market knowledge and prospects, we have focused on gold, phosphate, aluminum, industrial minerals and copper. In the process, we have managed to invest in new mining territories across continents.

Our third project which is a joint venture between UGM,Komoto Copper Company (KCC) and DRC Copper and Cobalt Project (DCP) is contributing  significantly to the country’s non-Gold GDP;created thousands of jobs within a new mining industry work force; promoted new downstream industries; supported local communities through health, education and social initiatives; nurtured the development of many small and medium sized DRC businesses; contributed to building new infrastructure facilities, and attracted significant foreign direct investment and advanced technology.

As the green energy champions in the mining industry, we are committed to embed sustainability across the modern mining industry.

UGM committed to act responsibly towards all our stakeholders: shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and the communities in which we operate, as well as the natural environment near our facilities.

UGM is now among the fastest growing mining companies in the world and the largest multi-commodity mining and Metals Company in the Canada, Middle East, Asia and Africa. We’ve come a long way since 2013, when we were established by incorporation with a mandate to develop Canada’s minerals sector as the third pillar of Canada industry, beyond oil and petrochemicals.

UGM is 100% fully privately owned company. Today, UGM is ranked among the top 100 Canada companies based on market capitalization.

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