Project Description

Komoto underground mine

United Gold Mining LLC operates a large-scale copper-cobalt mine complex in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through two joint ventures, Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) and DRC Copper and Cobalt Project (DCP).

The KCC joint venture produced its first copper cathode in December 2007 following the completion of Phase I of a four-phase refurbishment of the brownfield site. The second joint venture, DCP, was acquired through Katanga’s merger with Nikanor in January 2008. KCC and DCP operate on adjacent properties in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and are working to create a major single-site copper and cobalt operation. Pursuant to an amended joint venture agreement signed in July 2009, KCC and DCP will be merged.

KCC and DCP are engaged in the exploration, refurbishment and rehabilitation of the Kamoto/Dima mining complex (the Kamoto Project) and the KOV copper and cobalt mine, respectively in the DRC.

The Kamoto Project includes exploration and mining properties, the Kamoto concentrator, the Luilu metallurgical plant, the Kamoto underground mine and two oxide open pit resources in the Kolwezi district of the DRC. The Kamoto Project commenced commercial production on June 1, 2008 following the completion of operational commissioning of the initial phase of development. DCP’s assets include mining properties and various oxide open pit resources, the largest of which is the KOV pit. The KOV pit is not yet in commercial production

Project Details


December 7, 2015


Komoto underground mine