Sustainable Mining

Exploration and mining activity can negatively impact the environment in many ways. However, UGMC realize our environmental and social responsibility by imposing mitigation measures that reduce the impact as much as possible.
Our Corporate Policy states that we are committed to industry best practice techniques and guidelines for Environmental and Social Sustainability for determining, assessing and managing the environmental and social risk for all our projects.

Our Core Values encompass the basis of environmental corporate responsibility by improving performance, enhancing transparency and of course protecting our environment with the aim of minimizing our impact on the environment where ever we work.

At UGMC we believe this is the future of mining and actively engage with our stakeholders and public to ensure that our environmental responsibility is achieved.

In line with our Corporate Policy which follows global and industry standards our employees work according to environmental plans and management systems which define how to mitigate, manage or eliminate environmental risk.


  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Promote good practice management of environmental issues
  • Promote good practice management of environmental issues


  • Respect the environment, culture and heritage surrounding our projects
  • Conserve environmental resources such as energy, water and minimize pollution
  • Continuously develop and refine robust environmental procedures and processes
  • Implement management systems, objectives, control measures and monitor and record environmental performance
  • Comply with environmental law and regulations
  • Establish accountability for environmental performance whilst recognizing that all employees and contractors are responsible for minimizing our impact
  • Incorporate high standards of environmental awareness within the design stages of our operations that are sustainable
  • Have a transparent open approach with our stakeholders, general public, employees and contractors
  • Ensure that adequate funding is available for staff and resources to deliver environmental management initiatives and training programmes