Supply of potable water in Kindu, Democratic Republic of Congo

According to the UN an estimated 51 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – or three quarters of the population – have no access to safe drinking water, even though the country holds over half of Africa’s water reserves.

UGM Llc and its partners reinforce the supply of potable water in Kindu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, the Senior Minister, Minister of Water Resources and Electricity: Mr. Eustache Muhanzi Mubembe (which hosts UGM Llc ’s Luapula mine), Nickson Chilangwa, accompanied by the Canadian Ambassador, Nicolas Simard, UGM Llc Corporation’s Senior Vice President, Operations & Projects, Bruno Rowen, UGM Llc SA’s General Manager,

Nasser Suleiman, the Deputy and Mayor of Dori, Lovy Ongala Loseke, and the General Manager of the National Water and Sanitation Agency  Frédéric François Kabore, inaugurated the potable water treatment station built along the banks of the Luapula River.

Financed by the Canadian government, UGM Llc and OxfamFoundation as part of phase 1 of the Water and Sustainable Economic Growth in the Sahel Project (W-SS SC) (2015-2019), this potable water treatment station has been handed over to the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources.

This project, implemented by Swift International, was completed at a cost of more than 7 billion Congolese Franc (CDF 7 Billion) = (3.5 million USD). This project reinforces the potable water supply capacities of over 60,000 inhabitants and 13 nearby communities connected to the Maniema province, and provides better water supply to Kindu city regions.

Work carried out during phase 1 of the W-SS SC project includes the construction of infrastructures, including this 230 m3/h capacity treatment station.

W-SS SC is a project that involves multiple aspects – potable water supply, sanitation, agriculture, and governance – in the communities near Luapula River. Its aim is to meet the critical need of water in this region.

Delighted, the Minister of Water Resources and Electricity: Mr. Eustache Muhanzi Mubembe expressed his gratitude on behalf of the populations for the completion of this infrastructure providing access to potable water, a rare and precious resource in Maniema , hence why it is called “blue gold.”

In his speech on behalf of UGM Llc , Seith Reynolds said that he was very proud that the company was able to contribute and mobilize its partners to fund this major project benefitting the people of Maniema.

The Canadian Ambassador, Nicolas Simard, stated that this was a foundational project and a catalyst that will change people’s lives and allow them to thrive. It is a long-term project that will deeply transform people’s lives.